Delicious flavors from India, US, and around the globe


We want to share flavors from our Ameri-khana kitchen to your hands bringing flavors from the U.S., India and around the globe. Street foods, comfort bowls, sweets and goodies to go.


Shivani and I (Joel Degner) met in 2013 and married in 2014. We realized after making a home and starting a family that we were a great team in the kitchen. Entertaining family and friends with many flavors from our backgrounds planted the seed that we could do this beyond the doors of our home.



Aloo Paratha


Griddled flatbread filled with spiced potatoes, with a side of spicy mango pickle



Spiced potato dumpling fried and served with tamarind chutney and mint chutney

Chicken Flauta


Shredded chicken wrapped in 3 corn tortillas with 3 cheeses and bell peppers fried and served with a sweet chili ranch


Break-Up Eggs


Two eggs over easy on griddled paratha flatbread with mint and tomato chutneys

Build your Breakfast Sandwich


2 eggs, choice of cheddar bread or homemade biscuit and choice of bacon, sausage or ham

Indian Style “Omelet”


3 eggs scrambled with onions, tomatoes, chilies, cilantro and spices griddled and served with toasted bread and choice of meat

Southern Style B & G


Homemade buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy and choice of meat and two eggs

CFS Deluxe


Chicken fried New York strip steak over homemade buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon and 2 eggs


Chicken Posole


Shredded chicken breast and chipotle broth with hominy and served with side of tostada, chihuahua cheese, cabbage, cilantro, radish and lime

Jovani Bowl


Chili chicken, lentils, Indian fried rice and cucumber tomato salad

Jovani Bowl for 2


Chili chicken, lentils, Indian fried rice and cucumber tomato salad

Sambar and Dosa


Crepe made with lentils and rice filled with seasoned potatoes and served with vegetable lentil soup

Veggie Bowl


Indian vegetable of the day, lentils, Indian fried rice and cucumber tomato salad


Turkey Meatball Sub


Scratch turkey meatballs with homemade marinara and a fresh toasted roll with mozzarella and provolone cheeses

Jovani Grilled Cheese


Amul Cheese, Spicy Tomato Spread and Cilantro Chutney

Alabama Chicken Fried Steakwich


Breaded New York strip with southern white BBQ sauce with Spicy Pool Room Slaw and Church lady pickles on Griddled White Pullman Bread

Chicken Pimento Cheddar Melt


Shredded chicken and cheddar pimento pepper cheese on griddled homemade cheddar pullman bread with Duke’s mayonnaise, spicy pool room slaw and church lady pickles

Rolls & Wraps



A savory rice and lentil batter crepe with spiced potatoes and a coconut chutney

Spicy Fish Kathi Roll


Battered & fried hake on paratha with cilantro, onion and side of mint chutney

Chili Chicken Roll


Spicy Chicken sauteed with shallots, on a griddled paratha with mint chutney and side of cucumber yogurt raita




South Indian vegetable soup with lentils, spices, tamarind and curry leaves

Soup of the Day


Cold Drinks

Mango Lassi


A Blended Mango and Yogurt shake

Kid’s Mango Lassi


A Blended Mango and Yogurt shake

Thumbs Up – by the bottle


Popular Cola, straight from India to you

Orange Juice




Detroit classic ginger ale



Hot Drinks

House Street Chai


Cardamom, fennel seeds and spices simmered with milk and tea leaves lightly sweetened

Masala Chai Tea





Mango & Vanilla Cheesecake


Baked with a pretzel crust



An Indian “funnel cake” in a Cardamon and Saffron syrup

Chocolate Chess Pie


A rich chocolate and butter pie with a meringue-like texture

Sticky Bun (Friday & Saturday)


Cinnamon Roll (Friday & Saturday)


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


Betty’s Sour Cream Cookies with Sprinkles


Great Grandma’s staple, a soft vanilla cake cookie great for dunking in cold milk or your choice hot beverage


Veggies in Season (kids)


Milk (kids)


Fry-yums (kids)


Colorful puffed snack

Fresh Fruit Cup (kids)


Grilled Cheese Sandwich (kids)


Grilled Cheese on White Bread with American or Cheddar

Chicken Sammy (kids)


Chicken fried chicken with shredded Iceberg, American Cheese and mayonnaise on a homemade dinner roll

Turkey Meatball Slider (kids)


Homemade Meatballs with Marinara, Melted Mozzarella and Soft Italian Roll


See menu above for full dessert listing.



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